Blog Entry #6 – Reflecting on Murakami

Murakami’s book, The Strange Library was fascinating and thought-provoking for me. Even more, hearing the presentations and the various interpretations on the book and the different meanings that it has was incredibly powerful.

The book made me think extensively about the potential threats and dangers of isolation and how that can spill over into depression. According to Christianity, we were made to love one another, and being isolated can have very negative consequences. For example, my group talked about the consequences of not having love and how that can in turn, psychologically affect someone and make them spiral into depression.

The philosophical topic and thought of the place of love in one’s life and how it is a fundamental piece of what it means to be human resonated strongly with me. I often ponder the thought of love and its place in society, and how it shapes moral values and ideals.

Most impressing to me was that two simple and “children-oriented” books could contain such strong meaning and even present topics that would be challenging and thought-provoking to adults alike. When beginning this unit, I was pretty upset that we weren’t diving into complicated books. But after reading Murakami, I was left speechless.