Blog Entry #4 – Final Character Judgements


Throughout most of The Poisonwood Bible, I felt that I strongly resonated and enjoyed hearing Leah’s story. I particularly think that I like her the most for who she is. She is a very dynamic character, who, as the novel progresses, becomes very mature, respectful and dutiful. Because she has clearly been wounded by her unhealthy family and the traumatic experiences that she encounters in the Congo, she has a lasting wound that she hopes to repay and sort-of makeup by living her life. I have strong sympathy for Leah, because I feel like I identify with her the most. She has been through a lot of major setbacks and challenges in her life – just like me, and her response is a very mature and respectable one.

It is very challenging to think of which character Kingsolver identifies with the most. I personally think that she identifies with Orleanna the most, because she is the foundation and the spine of the story. Beyond that, I find it hard to really infer which character strongly resonates with her.

On another note, another character I ENJOYED reading was Nathan. You could just feel the tension and trouble he would bring each time he spoke, and it drove the story forward and gave it immense suspense.