Blog Entry #9 - Wealth and Morality

Many of us often desire money and wealth. We want to be rich and have enough money to care for our needs as well as afford some luxuries. However, it is a well-known fact that wealth easily corrupts and that having a lot of money can somewhat correlate to lower levels of empathy. I am currently struggling with this dilemma at times, as I desire to be wealthy and I tell myself that when I’m rich, I’m going to help those who are poor and less-fortunate. However, looking at the statistics and research, I am starting to question whether that will actually happen, or whether I will end up keeping the money for myself. It’s easy to say, but I think our lifestyle should be affected by those around us and we should be mindful of those not in the same socioeconomic status as ourselves.

Our responsibilities as rich people in a world with so much poverty and inequality is to be generous and loving. We hear it all the time that we should donate money to the poor and help out for a good cause, but until it is something we actually want to do, then it will be a much bigger challenge than it could be. I definitely feel like there are instances when buying luxurious things can be considering “too much”. For instance, those videos of people you see just buying a $20,000 gold-covered ice cream sundae of a gold-plated toilet for $100,000. I feel like that is just “milking it”. I would definitely consider those instances as morally wrong.

I feel like we live in a world where materialistic values are more strong than minimalism. As a result, we often crave more and don’t know when to say stop. We are always wanting more. There is no limit to what we spend and it soon becomes an addiction. Certain people and societies are slowly valuing minimalism and simplicity, but in general, most people are obsessed with stuff and wealth, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.