Blog Entry #11 - Dystopia and Technology

In 1984 by George Orwell, technology is very much an aid for the oppressive forces of Big Brother and his government to maintain order and control over the people. One of the main pillars of the book is the idea of thoughtcrime, having a thought that is “illegal” and not okay to have. Technology in the book is used as a way for Big Brother to know your thoughts at all times and have you arrested and punished for having an illegal thought.

George Orwell portrays technology as a huge part of the problem and how it can become the catalyst for so much worse in our world. In today’s society, ad trackers are a small part of what tracking can do and how it can affect us. Furthermore, with the amount of access the NSA has to people’s devices and the ability to see what people are doing, we aren’t actually quite far from a future that George Orwell has imagined and envisioned in 1984.

These warnings are so important to us in 2019, as we need to become aware of the increasing control and ability that the government has in terms of access to our devices. 1984 is a stark warning of where our world is potentially heading, and how governments can very easily see what we are thinking and use it to oppress us, in the worst way imaginable.