A Search for Understanding

August 15

Dear diary,

Today was weird.

It is a new school year, everyone is full of anticipation, excitement, and hope. The excitement of summer’s high reverberated throughout the room as each and every student tried to release their lingering tension. It was ecstatic. 

I was so excited, the room was filled with people I loved and had good friendships with. It was such a great feeling to be a part of an amazing class. 

As soon as I was filled with joy, however, hell struck me. My biggest nemesis, Lydia Myers, walked into the room. Why on earth was she in my class?

That destroyed my day. I’ll save why I despise her for another day.

Till later.


August 19

Dear diary,

It was an interesting week. High school is really different to middle school and I’m already feeling my stress levels hit the roof. 

Now to Lydia. Why do I hate her?


To be frank and honest, I don’t really know why. It’s almost like she always judges me and is always stupid. I know - not the best reason to hate someone. But it’s good enough for me.

She doesn’t understand me, she doesn’t even try. And that is incredibly frustrating. I have an amazing friend named Michael, who always does his best to understand me, and although he my fail at times, at least he tries.

Lydia doesn’t even try. She assumes things about me and always disregards my feelings. I’m quite a sensitive guy.


Last year, when I was getting food in the cafeteria, she purposely tripped me. I spilled my entire lunch on the floor and she walked away, pretending that nothing had happened.

It infuriated me. But that wasn’t it. She always gossips about me and says things about me. Last year, she told everyone that I took this girl into the bathroom and did stuff to her… I mean that is a baseless lie that anyone can easily makeup.

I hate her so much.

Till later.


August 21

Dear diary,

So I only have one class with Lydia, that’s pretty good. I only have to see her every other day, other than the occasional encounter in the hallways. 

I just hope that is all I have to endure of her for the next year.

Till later.


August 22

Dear diary,

Things are getting pretty weird. I’m feeling some sort of weird feeling in Biology class - the class I have with Lydia. It’s an indescribable feeling. It’s almost like I’m getting this weird atmosphere from someone in the room - almost like I get them. 

I’m trying not to overthink it, like I usually do, but it’s really getting into my head and it’s bothering me quite a bit. 

Anyways, I’ll see how it develops over the next few days.

Till later.


August 23

Dear diary,

Oh my goodness. It’s not going away. It’s actually getting worse. And to make things even more astonishing, I feel it even more when Lydia is looking at me. 


What on earth could this be? She keeps looking at me and I feel the power of her permeating through my mind, almost like I’m reading her mind. That doesn’t make sense, I’ll just stop. Anyways, I’ll see what happens, and of course I’ll let you know about it.

Till later.


August 24

Dear diary,


She’s so annoying…

She keeps giving me weird looks and glances at me across the room, like I’m calling her name - except I’m not. She sits about four rows in front of me in class, so I’m not sure what the fuss is about

Till later.


August 25

Dear diary,

So I was walking down the hallway to my first class today, and I bumped into Lydia. She didn’t say a thing, but she looked at me weird. I could feel like she was deliberately doing this - deliberately trying to embarrass me.
I forgot to mention, I was carrying a cup of coffee when she bumped into me. So yeah, I spilled my coffee all over myself. Normally when I see Lydia after she does some stupid thing to me, she normally will tease me, but today, she just looked at me weird. 

I’m so confused,

Till later.


August 26

Dear diary,

So I’m at home today, so I just thought I could briefly recap what has happened to me so far concerning Lydia. 

Lydia has been my little enemy since the fourth grade, when I accidentally hurt her during soccer in PE class. Since then, she’s had this little stupid grudge on me and doesn’t seem to understand anything I do or why I do it. I’m not the type of guy to hold grudges against people, but Lydia seems to just be tempting me to.

The past few weeks have been really weird because I’m starting to “get” Lydia a bit, but not much. It’s a bit intriguing because it feels like this is coming straight out of thin air. I’m not putting much thought into it, it’s just coming out of nowhere. I don’t quite get why out of all the people I can have a hunch on, it has to be Lydia. 

There is nothing I like about her. She has this silly long hair that goes down to her stomach and it’s this strange light maroon color. She wears glasses in class, but not when she isn’t studying - nerd. 

I keep asking her why she hates me, and all I get is a deadly stare. 

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I can encapsulate into one day of writing, I’ll let you all know how it is going. I’m really interested to see where this goes and whether Lydia is understanding me any better. I’m just a bit afraid to ask her and see if she is feeling the same way as me.

Till later.


September 10

Dear diary,

Okay, it’s been a while since I’m entered stuff onto here, so I’ll give you a run down of these past few days.

For the past week, I’ve been just sitting in class and hearing voices. But it’s not the sound of anyone talking to me, it’s the sound of someone just organizing their thoughts.

Strangely enough, it sounds like Lydia. But why though? I think I’m forgetting some important details, I’ll start taking my journal to class so I can actually write down things as they come along.

Till later.


September 11

Dear diary,

I’m in class now with Lydia as we work on our projects. 

She’s turning around to look at me. 

Wait. I’m going to try something. Right now, I’m asking her a question. No - more like thinking out a question but not asking her. Let me see how she will react.

She nods. 

Holy crap. This is unbelievable. I just asked her if she did her homework last night - and she turns around and nods at me! This is simply profound.

Now she turns around and looks at me, gazing into my soul. She looks puzzled. I think she is asking me something.

“Can you hear me?”, she telepathizes to me.

I nod and smile. 

Lydia’s face is as perplexed as mine is. We seem to understand each other quite a bit. 

Till later.


September 15

Dear diary,

Lydia is smiling at me each time I pass her in the hallway. It’s really weird. I’m not use to seeing her smile - let alone at me. I guess something about our telepathy enables this amazing exchange of emotions to occur. It’s so great. I feel as if by each passing day our understanding of each other increases.

Okay, so I did a bit of research on telepathy when I got home today, and I realized that most of the time it happens really gradually and is barely noticeable until the bond is almost complete. When this happens, a full understanding of the other person will fully occur, and an incredibly strong bond will be created. 

I haven’t felt that with Lydia quite yet, but I’m excited to see where it will go. 

Till later. 



September 16

Dear diary,

I ran into Lydia in the hallway again. This time she smiled at me, asking me how I was doing. I smiled back and told her that I was curious about what was going on between us. She wasn’t sure either, but she assured me that she also felt a bit strange - that I wasn’t the only one.

I looked into her eyes and felt a warm sensation rush through my bones. She was speaking to me, and I was doing my best to fully comprehend and understand what she was saying to me. At this very moment, it felt like I entered her mind. I felt things that I had never felt before. Not only did I start hearing things from what was going on in her mind, but I was also seeing pictures and visions in my head. 

I saw myself - except it was when I was in middle school. I looked around, gathering information as to where I was at this very moment. Things soon became fairly clear to me, this was the day Lydia and I had our conflict which tore our friendship into shreds. Looking at Lydia, I could feel a bit of guilt. Except it wasn’t mine. Why would I feel guilt from this moment? She was the one who hurt me. I saw Lydia walking towards me, and she was crying. 

A loud noise startled me - except that was from reality. It was the bell, signaling that I was late for class. I rushed out of my moment with Lydia, incredibly frustrated that our moment had ended prematurely. 

Till later. 


September 17

I was so incredibly frustrated that my moment with Lydia ended prematurely yesterday. It was like getting to the climax of a movie, and having the television shut off before you could see how it ends. My feelings gradually swung from sadness and isolation to frustration and anger. I wanted to know why she was crying and why I experienced an utter feeling of guilt and weirdness as I telepathized with Lydia yesterday. I don’t have class with her today - I don’t even think she is at school today, so that’s a bit frustrating. I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow, which is a shame because I really wanted to talk to her about it. 

Till later


September 18

School is closed today. 

Oh. My. Gosh.

The one day I really did not want school to close, it has to close. Why? I don’t freaking know. News around the neighborhood suggests that something silly like a fault power cable the tripped last night was the cause, and they don’t want to risk students at school when their is a crappy power cable that can explode at any time. 

I guess I’ll have to wait for another day. 

Till later.


September 21

I’m in first period now, and I have class with Lydia next. You might all be wondering why I don’t talk to Lydia outside of school if I’m so desperate to find out what is going on between us. 

Why don’t I text her? Because we don’t have each others numbers. We never saw the reason for it, since we hated each other so much with pure passion and hatred. 



Okay, I’m in second period now, after having talked to Lydia. I’m lost for words. I think I would’ve really enjoyed writing it all out as it happened, but this was a really important moment for me, and understanding it all and being in the moment with Lydia is a top priority. 

She told me everything. She never meant any harm, and it was just a bad day for her. She was afraid to talk to me, because she always thought that I was angry at her - which I was, but I don’t think that would ever prevent me from finding a reasonable solution with her. 

Till later.


September 22

I ran into Lydia in the hallway again - as always. She looked at me with a new outlook, something completely new. It’s like our relationship has been revitalized and reborn. She stared into my soul, and put her hand on me. She embraced me with affection. I tried to lean away as we were finished, but she grabbed my face and pulled me in and kissed me with lust and passion.

Telepathy has changed my life; it has given me love and understanding, something which I could’ve never gained with my weird and anti-social personality. When you are unable to resolute problems with simple means, telepathy provides a solution.