The Freakish Power of Storytelling - Free Post #2

Humans are naturally drawn to stories. For centuries we have gathered around one another and absorbed ourselves into the rich worlds and depth of storytelling.

It started with drawings on the walls of caves.

In turned into dance and oral sharing.

Plays captivated audiences into the life of stories.

Photography speaks a thousand words in each image.

Film sucks us into the hearts and minds of characters and allows us to explore vast locations and scenery.

But other than the purpose of being entertained, can storytelling really change who we are as a human being?


Stories captivate us into the lives of others and bless us with the unforeseen ability to empathize.

They challenge us with new ways of thinking and therefore, have the ability to change us as a person.

After watching a few of my favorite movies, after the final scene, I normally feel speechless and in a sense - paralyzed. The stories and questions that have been presented to me have completely changed me as a person.