A Significant Memory

Scrambling down the halls of the commons,

Graspin’ my head through all the problems,

My life - a mess of warnings,

Trying to capture the enlightening moments,

A mess, full of mayhem and maniacs,


Pullin’ my head through the sense of anomaly,

Garnering my inner insanity,


White marble tables and benches,

Full of sophomoric sophomores,

Each one demanding my attention,

Loathing and consuming my inner belief,


My mind is ripped into two,

Like a violent rupture of an inner storm,

An earth shattering explosion,

Rippling through each part of my consciousness,


Anger and rage permeating through the walls of my brain,

Distaste and hostility wrestle for control,

As my mood swings violently back and forth,

Hopelessness fills my persona,

And I feel nothing.