Fiction Skills Post #1 - Character Checklist


Terrence Fletcher is a character from the 2014 Academy-award winning film by Damien Chazelle.

Whiplash is one of my favorite films and highly recommend you all go and watch it! It's an incredibly profane film so be warned.

He is the main antagonist of the film and is an incredibly intimidating and abusive teacher at the Schaeffer Conservatory. His goal is to develop and grow the next prodigy in the jazz world. 

He is renowned for his passion and fiery temper and incredibly abusive style of communication.

Here is a brief breakdown of his four traits:

Physical or biological traits (age, height, size, state of health, assets, flaws, voice)
        - Tall stature, good health, strong deep voice

Psychological traits (intelligence, temperament, happiness/ unhappiness, attitudes, self-knowledge)
        - Abusive, amazing musician, demanding, perfectionist, bully, ENTJ

Interpersonal/cultural traits (family, friends, colleagues, birthplace, education, profession, hobbies, beliefs, values, lifestyle)
        - a teacher at Schaeffer conservatory
        - loves music

Personal history (major events in life – good or bad)
        - the death of former student

The most impressive and memorable part of Fletcher is his incredible abusive style. He does not accept anything other than total perfection and concentration. See what happens when one of his students plays his trombone out of tune:

His words are carefully and precisely chosen to execute the most emotional abuse to his students, and it is extremely memorable. The abuse and psychological destruction he imparts not only affects the characters in the film, but the viewer as well. 

Damien Chazelle has done an incredible job in constructing an incredibly improbable memorable antagonist. 


Physical or Biological traits: tall, soft-spoken, bald

Psychological traits: suffers from vertigo and a fear of heights, mentally unstable/dual personalities, psychosis

Interpersonal traits: not much known about his family

Personal history: abused as a child, parents deceased


Physical or Biological traits: short, short hair, talkative, 

Psychological traits: extraverted, mentally stimulative and energetic

Interpersonal traits: asian

Personal history: living with family, parents fought in world war 2