Fiction Skills Post #3 - A Special Place

The constant humming of two Rolls Royce engines keeping your life intact. 

The quite noise of air conditioning radiating through the cabin. 

It's a comforting sound and it provides me with a sense of tranquil calm. Despite the sheer tension of the fact that your life hangs on these two things, I feel pure tranquility. 

It's dark, the sun is down, and everyone is fast asleep. I look out the window, gazing at the stars - pondering life's questions. It's a frigid -60 degrees outside, but inside, I'm covered with a lush, thick blanket, and a nice glass of room-temperature water. 

The roof of the cabin is covered with the sky-interior technology, emulating the night sky. 

The smell may not be the most pleasant, air freshener doesn't always smell good - especially when it's one of the few that you don't like.

To me, being on an airplane in the middle of the night, while everyone is fast asleep, is the most comforting thing on the planet. Up at 35,000ft, nothing matters, life is put into context, when death can occur at any instant. 

You finally only care about what truly matters. And that is why this is my special place.