The Handsomest Drowned Man in The World

In this story, a man washes up on shore, covered with jelly-fish, seaweed and the remains of fish. The village gather around to examine the corpse that washed ashore. Confusion sprang throughout the village and they spent day and night searching through neighboring villages to determine if anyone was missing. Alas, a few people noticed that the man looked similar to someone called Esteban. They couldn't find a bed big enough to lay him on, so they buried him right away. It was the most beautiful funeral for a drowned man, the handsomest drowned man in the world.

The author uses Esteban's corpse as a way to reveal the setting. It works incredibly conveniently because Esteban has spent a significant time in the water, after he had drowned, so the setting has essentially adjoined him. The author could've normally just revealed the setting like anyone else. Instead, he uses his skills to use the character as a means of revealing the setting - not figuratively, but literally. The various bits of the setting that exist on Esteban's corpse combined with the frantic search for his identity results in the setting being dramatically revealed in an incredibly unique and fascinating way.